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Portable Alkaline Water Bottles by Robert Pierce

About this project Help us produce a filtration system that can give you mineral-rich alkaline water in minutes! Our Story Our experts have developed a filtration device like none other! Simply fill our Portable Purifying Bottles with any source of water to have it magically transform minutes later into 20 ounces of alkaline water with added minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Most groundwater systems

Hope for Shruthi

The Difference An Accessible Van Will Make! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLDZiHNCpy4 $1 from you will feel like $100 to Shruthi! Thank you so much for taking just a few short moments to read our story and plea for help. Shruthi is in dire need of immediate help and we are calling on our friends, family and strangers to lend us a helping hand. It is hard for us to even

“The First Pitch”: Hand-Signed Prints that Help a Ball Team

Receive Hand-Signed & Numbered Giclee Prints of my highly detailed softball drawing and help fund a girl's travel softball team! "The First Pitch"   The First Pitch My name is Tammy Liu-Haller. I am a full-time Pencil Artist, residing in the Hudson Valley in New York State. My emphasis is on creating highly detailed, realistic pencil work including: pet portraits, animal art, private commissions and

Quoted finish a sentence and you’ll help artists succeed

Quoted finish a sentence and you’ll help artists succeed Quoted is a project I created to fund the Whistle Stop Gallery website. Hi, I’m Joseph A. Langley, owner, only employee, web designer and developer, and everything else for the Whistle Stop Gallery. I’m also an artist myself. The Whistle Stop Gallery is a web art space. It’s also a gallery you can visit in person –

Our Final IVF Attempt

We are Tawnya and Leah Minca.  We have been happily marrried for just under 10 years. Roughly 5 years ago, we began discussing the possibility of having a child together.  We both have children from previous relationships and they are thriving, but we desperately want to add to our family. A child together would be a wonderful combination of both of us and both of


About this project Salutations, Goat Fuk¢ers! Welcome to The Most Evil Fu¢king Game (The EFG). The EFG is a Point Based Strategy Game for Sadist Monsters.   How in the hell did we end up with a game that is both fun to play and makes you want to choke out the people you're playing against?  Read on... EFG   This project started off with

HoverSeat: NEW Sitting Attachment for Hoverboards by HoverSeat

About this project                     Risks and challenges Creating a new product is inherently risky, with unseen challenges that inevitably spring up over the course of development. We have been testing and iterating for close to a year now, with a couple generations of prototypes, but unforeseen challenges might surface that can create delays. A large order

Help Deeann Get Her Fresh Start

I have been through a lot of ups and downs during the course of my life. I have spent my entire life putting the needs, and feelings of others ahead of my own. I spent many years being naive, and allowing others to manipulate me out of all of my independence, and take control of my life. The last ten years have been especially turbulent.  During

NOT FOR SALE: Human Trafficking

I'm Jarvis Gatlin, up and coming author of the book "THE MAN IN RED"  and I have partnered with NOT FOR SALE, and have been given their blessing for this campaign. Human Trafficking/Slavery is an issue that is often overlooked in today's society. Over 30 million people are sold into an evil 150 billion dollar industry. This happens globally and domestically in every type of

Please help Erica out

Hi there, thank you for stopping by this gofundme. I set this up for my friend Erica because she's in the middle of hard times right now. Erica is a mother of 3 beautiful children, and a hard working mother at that. She works in home health, is a volunteer firefighter and still finds time to be there for all her friends and family. Currently

Gigahoes Season 2

About this project Season 2 of Gigahoes continues the story of Steven and the rest of the A.I. gang as they struggle with their new business reality.  There's more laughs, more sex, more feels, and more sex robots than ever before. And somebody's going to die!!!! Before we get into some of the story details of Season 2, you should watch Season 1 to see

Crossover CD & Singing In Europe

SCROLL DOWN FOR GIFT OPTIONS ! :) Hello Friends, Fans, & Classical Crossover Family ! :) We will be kindly asking for  your Assistance with Our Classical Crossover (Tre Principesse).. “Getting to Know You” Campaign. As many of you know, my name is Anastasia Lee and I'm a Crossover singer. The Purpose of this Campaign is to help fund a Musical Collaboration CD (Licensing, Recording

Help our Brother Get Married

Moish is my cousin of yerushalyim and, more importantly, my dear friend. Baruch Hashem, after many years of searching, at the age of 31, he was recently zocheh to become engaged to a wonderful girl. Unfortunately, his mother is not well, and all of the family's resources go towards her care. His father is emotionally, physically and financially depleted. Moish and his brother are doing

Support my way to the future

Support my way to the future Hello everybody. My name is Andrew. I am from Belarus. It is a small country between Poland and Russia. I dream of a good future like many young people from the countries of the third world. However, my future remains in doubt, and perhaps all sad because of the situation in the country. Since childhood I was fond of Japan.

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