About this project

Welcome to the land of Meowtopia!!

Here, kittens rule the world and humans live as unknowing pets to the cuddly whims of their owners. Everyone wants to be the top cat in life, but there can be only one! Be the first to complete your very own kitty tower of conquering and claim the kitten crown for yourself.

Capitalist Kitten is an interactive board game for you and up to three of your closest pals. Armed with dice, maneuver the market to your advantage and complete your towers to win the kitten crown of Meowtopia. Each player has their own special rules to the game so pick the kitten in the style you would like to play whether it be a pirate kitten, Mafia Kitten, Con artist Kitten, or even the sweetest kitten of them all.

Spend coins to buy properties (such as shown below) to earn more gold to purchase parts of your cat tower!

It is all a game of chance! You and your cuddly kitten are at the whim of the dice, and of the Treasure Chest cards (Treasure Chests generously provided by Pirate Kitten). If before your turn you have no gold to buy any properties you will draw a Pirate Chest. You can either get gold or property or lose gold or property! It’s all a chance!

Casino Kitten T-Shirt!

Our Printer:

Super happy to say we are working with Print Ninja! They print high quality and well-packaged games. We chose one of the best to make this game for you guys!


Why 30k? We are estimating 30k based off of the quote to produce and ship 1000 games from PrintNinja plus our own office marketing and production costs.

Risks and challenges

We are a small group of people, 3 to be exact! We decided the start of our company would be made as a board game. We have been super excited over kittens (we have lots of cats ourselves)

The idea of starting a company off with a board game is a bit of a scary idea but we knew that was what we really wanted to do. From that basic idea we spent hours researching all of the different hurdles we would eventually face; ”How will printing work? Where will we store the games before shipping? How will we ship the games? How do we get the kitten off the keyboard to keep typing?”, so many questions! Luckily, we have worked with PrintNinja which is a wonderful company that is going to print, store, and ship our game out to all of you fine people. They haven’t given us any help with getting the kitten off the keyboard though. We are still waiting for that miracle.

We are on track where the game is just a process of finalizing some of the amazing art we have yet to share! We are excited to get the game out to your table to play!