Thanh Bui’s Health Education

My name is Thanh Bui but I've gone by Tai ever since a third grade substitute mispronounced it. My father died a couple of years ago, taking tylenol non-stop for a year straight, because he had a pain but couldn't afford going to the doctor. My mother is now headed down the same path. My mother for sure, unable to understand english, is definitely not

Help Me Pay My Field School Tuition

Help Me Pay My Field School Tuition <<<<<<<<<<CLICK HERE The campaign is about providing me with enough fund to even come back to pharmacy school, finish it and not be stuck in the retail hell after I graduate. I want to start living my dream of building a non-profit to help others get access to affordable health care too.   I was accepted to the Pharmacy

Capitalist Kitten Board Game

About this project Welcome to the land of Meowtopia!! Here, kittens rule the world and humans live as unknowing pets to the cuddly whims of their owners. Everyone wants to be the top cat in life, but there can be only one! Be the first to complete your very own kitty tower of conquering and claim the kitten crown for yourself. Capitalist Kitten is an


CREATIVE ARTIST: HOSPITAL AND BILLS RECOVERY Past January, 18, my husband the artist José Márquez had a stroke, level II. Following the stroke, he entered on a diabetic coma. The paramedics were fast and provided invaluable help.  Since then, José is in the hospital in a slow recuperation. José has already recovered his conscience, he is speaking, but his vision is severely affected and he

Young man looking for redemption

When life knock us down and we hit rock bottom sometimes we get so down;we think it's over. Loosing everything you have can be a lot too stomach not just material things such as housing, money, transportation .(which I have lost all). However it's your accomplishments,opportunities,ambition,meaning of living your full potential,can really break down your soul. However moving on and keeping faith is the only

Living Expenses

I was really hesitant to post this, as many of you who know me can attest that I hate asking for help, but I am in a rough spot. I could really use some assistance in this transitional time. As a friend of mine pointed out, we all need a little help sometimes. I am looking to use this fund to help cover living expenses,

Expand Our Ministry Sound System

Hi Guys I'am Marc and i'm 19 I'm a Christian, me and my Family need your help to buy a great Sound System For our Ministry and we are now Planning on having a Recording Studio We really need your Help and your Pray. In June we doing our first concert and we think to present our Label please help our Dream to become True,Me

Help Sho go to chef school

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ~Thomas Edison. MEET SHO I am a serious advocate for the real food movement. Cooking nourishing meals, practicing nutrition, and understanding the ways that food impacts our overall health, is my passion. Growing up my diet consisted of processed foods, plenty of sugar, and very little nutrients.

Help Dreamers Unite Clothing Line

Hello everybody! My name is Alex and I am the Founder of Dreamers Unite. Let me tell you a little of what Dreamers Unite is. Dreamers Unite's mission is to induce the quality of teamwork to fulfill one's dreams and others. We emphasize that you, the Dreamer, Entrepreneur, or Innovator does not have to venture on your journey alone. The Dream Army is a family

Oscar Manuel Colmenares Salas

El Dia 3 de Enero del 2017, nuestro Señor Dios necesitaba mas ángeles a su lado y decidió llevarse a mi padre. Como muchos sabran la noticia del horrible accidente nos impacto mucho y nos tomo por desapercibidos. Mi papá siempre me dijo que un dia el regresaria a los Estados Unidos, desafortunada mente el regreso de otra manera, pero le cumpli su último deseo

Team Alejandro

For all friends, family and churches that have asked for a way to help, We have created this account. For those who want to know a little about Hector Alejandro: A young man who, at an early age, decided to enter the path of faith and fulfill the purpose God intended for his life by carrying the message of salvation, faith and hope that God

Zach wants to support his family.

My husband Zach is an amazing husband and father. He would do anything for our our son, myself, and anyone else that needs help. He is struggling though. I am sick and not able to work so it's all on his shoulders to take care of us. He loves to drive and knows that earning his CDL and becoming a truck driver would offer a

Ryan’s Eagle Scout Project

My name is Ryan Hill and I am trying to raise money to help me finish my Eagle Scout Project. My project is to build an area around existing camping sites at Lake Wateree State Park. Addition will make these sites more senior citizen and handicap camper friendly by providing them with a level area next to their camper for a picnic table and fire

Raising money for equipment to hold events at children’s hospitals.

Thanks for finding your way here! I am raising money to start a charity where we would go to children's hospitals (currently New England area) to give the children an amazing virtual reality experience. The money needed to be raised it to purchase the equipment and computers needed to support this. I intend on going to the hospitals on my days off of work setting

Wireless Headphones Charger & Case

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Universal Keychain Charger & Case Anyone who doantes $100 or more... we will send you this kit! -Just post your address in your donation!  -Or email a screenshot of your donation to:  (*Please add extra for shipping if you live outside the United States) ----------------------------------------------------------------- While serving in the Air Force I found myself often on long plane rides from

Bailey’s Miracle Treatment

Bailey is  a Chocolate Labrador and he is our family's pride and joy, he is nearly 5 years old but unfortunately we have had some terrible news and he has been diagnosed with cancer, we desperately need your help to raise the money for his treatment before we lose our beloved family pet. Our two children who are 4 and 9 absolutely adore him and

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