Hello everybody! My name is Alex and I am the Founder of Dreamers Unite. Let me tell you a little of what Dreamers Unite is. Dreamers Unite’s mission is to induce the quality of teamwork to fulfill one’s dreams and others. We emphasize that you, the Dreamer, Entrepreneur, or Innovator does not have to venture on your journey alone. The Dream Army is a family of Dreamers that symbolize the strength of teamwork to achieve the dreams of one another. The Dream Army takes the expedition, no matter how difficult, to attain the success of each Dreamer. I would love to start up the Dreamers Unite Clothing Line to serve and show my fellow Dreamers in this world that they are not alone and they are special. This Clothing Line will be unique and like no other Clothing Line. The Dreamers Unite Clothing Line will give the Dreamers 24/7 motivation and inspiration, gives a specific Dreamer uniqueness and originality with customization for them to describe themselves why their dream is different among others, and to show that the Dreamers are a part of something bigger and are not alone. I ask for your help to please fund the Dreamers Unite Clothing Line to not only make my dreams come to life, but to have other people’s dreams come true. Anything is much appreciated! Thank you and have a fantastic day!