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The campaign is about providing me with enough fund to even come back to pharmacy school, finish it and not be stuck in the retail hell after I graduate. I want to start living my dream of building a non-profit to help others get access to affordable health care too.


I was accepted to the Pharmacy Field School as a second year undergraduate going straight into the graduate program at Saint Louis, Missouri, USA run through the private Saint Louis College of Pharmacy. This program is a HUGE opportunity for me. As I am the first of my family to go to college, let alone graduate school. However, I need your help to pay the program fee, medical fees, loans and interests on everything which is $490,000 (USD).

My name is Thanh Bui. I’m a 25 year-old under-graduate student in Pharmacy at Saint Louis University and I’m trying to raise $490,000 USD to fulfill my dream of studying Pharmacy at Saint Louis College of Pharmacy at Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

I have dreamed of being a Pharmacist since I was a little girl. As an under-graduate student in Pharmacy I am on the way to realizing my dream and am looking for ways to gain valuable field experience to broaden my education.  Imagine my excitement when I found out I was accepted to the study Pharmacy at Saint Louis University.





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Candidate Name: Thanh Bui


CID: 14052600039


Test Date: July 18, 2014







Verbal Ability






Biological Processes



Critical Reading



Quantitative Reasoning



Chemical Processes







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My aid of studying pharmacy is just to reach out to medical needs of poor people in our society who can’t afford medical bills through establishing a Non-profit Organization. I became a Pharmacy coordinator for a nonprofit clinic in Mexico which I and my team affected good number of people positively. I’ve been volunteering my whole life, but volunteering with health care was the best years of my life. That’s how I knew pharmacy was the path for me.

But then… not too long,

  •  Family stress
  • Studying stress
  • Monetary stress
  • Health stress



Arrested me. With little or no time, I had a seizure in my second professional year, which affected me emotionally, physically, and otherwise.

I wasted five good years of tuition because of this illness, I’m back to square one with four more years of school debts and probably medical bills to pay.


This semester I am struggling to pay my school the rest of the money I owe for the past four years plus my medical bills which have accumulated HUGELY.

So I am asking for your help.

I need to make this money as soon as possibly since I am unable to register for next semester until this bill is paid.
I am trying to find ways to make this money in any way I can but this is truly my last resort.

If I am not able to pay the school this money that I owe I will more than likely have to drop out.
Of course the last thing I want is to drop out of school.


Medication is a huge part of my life, not only because I am taking so much. But also because my father himself, took over the counter pain killers for a year straight with no consultant about his pain. In the end, he died of spinal cancer. In fact the cancer had started somewhere and moved to every organs that we don’t even know where it started! My mother is also on the same path now and I want to do everything in my power to prevent the same fate as my father for her. When I worked at a retail pharmacy, I wish I had the knowledge about these medications enough to help them manage it or find different ways such as coupons and calling insurance companies to help get them the most affordable medicine. Because not people do go to different pharmacies and different doctors without knowing the harmful interactions of these different prescribed or non-prescribed medication. I would very much like to prevent what happened to my step-dad, happen to anyone else. I want to help provide communities that are too poor to afford medications and educate them on health literacy so that they can live their lives to the best of the capabilities.


Even if I somehow get out of pharmacy school through federal loans, the medical debt collectors will eat me alive and I’ll never escape the retail pharmacy to build my dream non-profit. I wish to reach as many soul and help as many people as I could by ending the school with even a little debt that I can pay off and still be able to do residency. I know that I cannot do this without your help because I would not be able to pay off my loans with the wages of residency and learning to start a non-profit.

So if you or anyone you know can help in anyway that would be amazing.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give. I am eternally grateful.

If you would like more detail about my situation or any more specifics feel free to contact me.


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