“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ~Thomas Edison.


I am a serious advocate for the real food movement. Cooking nourishing meals, practicing nutrition, and understanding the ways that food impacts our overall health, is my passion.

Growing up my diet consisted of processed foods, plenty of sugar, and very little nutrients. Due to this diet, I was ill most of my life. The first 25 years involved way too many antibiotics, nasal spray, and other over the counter meds. I was always sick with cold, flu, strep throat, and intense joint pain. Then I moved towards healthier food, and noticed an increase in vitality and a decrease in pain. I realized just how many other people must be going through the same thing, and I wanted to share this important information with the world.

This newly found vitality triggered my desire to move toward optimal wellness, so I signed up for nutrition school. My nutrition education taught me the importance of eating a diet consisting of REAL FOOD.  This is the very fuel that makes our body run optimally, and now I’m over 40 and I feel epic.

I studied at Bauman College where I received a comprehensive education about clinical nutrition, food politics, sustainability, and the knowledge that we are truly what we eat.

I have been a guest speaker at various food conferences, radio shows, rallies, worked in a functional medicine clinic, and taught educational workshops and classes in New York and San Francisco in an effort to enlighten the public on how real food can transform their health.

While my journey as a nutritionist has been fulfilling, I am ready to take my dedication and passion to the next level to become a therapeutic personal chef. That is why I’m here, to reach out for help in achieving my goals. Through this process I will share my knowledge and inspiration through my incentives which are based on many years of nutrition experience.

“Cooking is an art, but all art requires knowing something about the techniques and materials” Nathan Myhrvold


My passion for food is more than a desire to cook satisfying meals. I believe that everyone should have access to healthy, wholesome food. I have researched and experimented with a wide variety of ingredients and recipes. Currently, I educate people on eating consciously and how a diet of real food can transform their lives. Many people don’t realize that healthy eating can be super simple, but first you need to make the  connection between food and your health. That is where I come in.

With the added skills I will gain from this program, I plan to educate, inspire, and feed an even wider audience far more effectively.


Bauman College emphasizes local, organic, seasonal food. The program lasts five months, plus a six week independent Culinary Externship.

Natural Chef Curriculum:

  • Culinary Nutrition and Kitchen Basics
  • Food Foundations
  • World Cuisine
  • Midterm
  • Farm to Table
  • Therapeutic Applications
  • Client Services
  • Culinary Showcase
  • Final Presentations
  • Culinary In-House Skill Hours
  • Culinary Externship

“The Natural Chef Training Program is committed to the development of nutrition-based, therapeutic chefs who are artists in food preparation and presentation. Coursework emphasizes nutritional and therapeutic cooking as well as a mastery of all necessary kitchen skills, including knife skills and ServSafe® requirements for safety and sanitation. In addition to culinary skills, instruction in business development, marketing, and large scale food production will help prepare students for a wide variety of careers upon graduation.

In-house Culinary Skill Hours further hone students’ culinary prowess, while an independent Culinary Externship allows students to have hands-on experience in the area of their choice: as a personal chef or caterer, in a natural food restaurant, for a community kitchen, at a retreat center, in a cooking class, and more.”


What I Need & What You Get:

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $10,000 would cover over half of the tuition. If I reach more than the expected goal, (dare to dream!) then I would use it for books and the remaining tuition.
  • The perks are based on my years of experience as a nutritionist and are designed to serve your health and busy schedules.
  • If I don’t raise the full 10k I will still move forward in enrollment and continue to work hard to fund the rest of the tuition. I am driven to make this happen!


  • I love food but I don’t care for the food industry. Food has lost it’s way. We live in an age where fast food and toxic foods dominate our shelves and bodies. I’m not out to make war with the food industry…but I’m making effort to reduce its dominance, one group at a time.
  • I will gain confidence in not only my abilities as a chef, but as someone with the tools to help heal and support a wide range of clients.
  • Natural Chefs are in great demand as our society realizes and needs guidance toward healthy food, nourishment and lifestyle.
  • This program is the launching pad for a future using food as a therapeutic source to be combined with my nutrition expertise.
  • This program will provide me with the tools to build a  deeper health-centered career.


Some people can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. So even if you love my idea but lack the resources to pledge to its success, you can still help. Sharing on social media and with friends and family who would benefit from the perks would be greatly appreciated.