Thanks for finding your way here! I am raising money to start a charity where we would go to children’s hospitals (currently New England area) to give the children an amazing virtual reality experience. The money needed to be raised it to purchase the equipment and computers needed to support this. I intend on going to the hospitals on my days off of work setting up and letting the children have some fun doing things that under circumstances cannot do, for example exploring the depths of the ocean, the tombs of ancient Egypt, driving a race car down the track, or even being the pilot of a ship soaring through outer space. It is the dawn of the virtual reality era! Every child that puts on a headset steps into a whole new world of their choosing and leaves with a smile, looking forward to their next adventure. I am hoping to hold our first event early in 2016.

Every time enough is raised for one we will withdraw it and add the equipment to our supply.

Thanks for your donation! Best Regards,


Here you can see the HTC Vive in action

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