My name is Thanh Bui but I’ve gone by Tai ever since a third grade substitute mispronounced it.

My father died a couple of years ago, taking tylenol non-stop for a year straight, because he had a pain but couldn’t afford going to the doctor. My mother is now headed down the same path. My mother for sure, unable to understand english, is definitely not seeing doctors and her compliance with medicine is probably non-existent since she can’t afford the doctors or medicine.  My mission is to prevent the tragedy of my father from repeating itself with my mother or anyone else! Which is why I chose to enter pharmacy school.

Doctors can diagnose and prescribe you medications, but pharmacists…they’re the one keeping track of your medications. They see you more often, they talk much more casually and if you see different doctors, you still got the same pharmacy by your house. They know you, they understand how important it is that you are compliant to the prescription, or call the “other” doctor to say that “This medication will have a bad interaction with this other medication he/she is taking. Please prescribe something else.”

I was a second year pharmacy student, that means I was two years away from graduating. Then on September 1, I had a seizure in front of the class. I took an ambulance ride to a hospital nearby. Little did I know, this little seizure, whether it was just a funny coincidence or a giant ball of stress, it put me in so much debt that I am now unable to attend school. I suppose the stress to get all those Dean’s List certificates and yearly $5k high-proficiency scholarships, was not worth the fiver years (undergraduate and graduate) of tuition that I forfeited since. I still owe the school about 10k+ because I withdrew after the refund date. When I come back, I’ll have to restart the four years of pharmacy school again. Which is great and all but I still have about 50k+ in medical debt. And in order to enter pharmacy program again:
I also need a writing pre-requisite class from a nearby community college this summer to come back as professional student year 1 in Fall 2017; which I can’t get because the pharmacy school won’t release the  transcript because I still owe them 10k+.This is what you called being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

My only wish is to finish what I started with your help.
With the $50k, I will be able to pay off most of my medial debt and the what I owe the school in order to get the transcript, to take a pre-requesite to re-enter the pharmacy professional program.

I’m not entirely sure what I can offer you except gratitude, and an un-ending amount of good karma coming your way.

Even if my cause don’t resonate with you, please remember this:
Consult your local pharmacist anytime you’re feeling ill. 
It’s free, it’s casual, and I promise they will do everything in their power to make your medical care affordable, speaking as a pharmacy intern.