Travel to Cuba from Tucson


In 1961, the USA shut its embassy and direct travel from USA to Cuba all but stopped with the embargo imposed by the Kennedy administration.

In 2015, Obama reopened the embassy, although the embargo is still in place.

Then, in 2017, Trump enacted more restrictions on traveling from the USA to Cuba making it more costly, and less spontaneous.

If you’re in Tucson, you have another option: Cuban Blaze.

This locally owned restaurant is serving up authentic Cuban cuisine without needing a passport or special visa.

You can dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner at your whim, and you don’t need to be part of a tour group to enjoy.

cuba eggs

Perhaps the signature dish that is most popular is the Cuban sandwich. It’s made with crusty bread similar to a French baguette, but lighter in texture.

It’s filled with roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard.

Roasted pork, or Lechon asado, is the star of Cuban cuisine, and one bite of this delicious garlic-flavored meat will transport you—no plane ticket required.

Cuba Cuban Sandwich

Another star of the Cuban Blaze menu is Pernil. This slow-roasted pork shoulder is traditionally served for Christmas.

If you prefer beef, then you might start your Cuban journey with Ropa Vieja. It’s Shredded beef sautéed in a special tomato based sauce, mixed with onions,

and bell peppers. It’s served with the classic side: Moros y Cristianos.

Moors refers to the North Africans Arabs that battled Christians for control of Spain. Moros represent the black beans and Christians the white rice.

The fusion of these diverse flavors is the core of Cuban cuisine.

cuba black beans & rice

A trip to Cuba wouldn’t be complete without some sweetness.

You’ll love the touch of Kahlua on the traditional flan.

You’ll also want to try the Cuban Blaze trio: Cuban yuca, Maduros and Tostones. Yuca is a root vegetable similar to potatoes.

Maduros and Tostones are both plantain dishes prepared grilled and fried respectively.

The restaurant is sans liquor license, so you may bring your own. Perhaps a mojito recipe book will inspire a thirst-quenching solution.

Just like any vacation, you’ll need the t-shirt.


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