Wireless Bluetooth Headphones / Universal Keychain Charger & Case

Anyone who doantes $100 or more… we will send you this kit!

-Just post your address in your donation! 

-Or email a screenshot of your donation to:  quecoffey@gmail.com 

(*Please add extra for shipping if you live outside the United States)

While serving in the Air Force I found myself often on long plane rides from Ramstein AFB to various parts of the  Middle East…

And the problem I kept encountering was either my phone or headphones would die somewhere along the round trip.

Next thing you know my entire flight bag is filled with loads of tangled wires and chargers… making it hard to find the Aviation gear that I needed.

So I created this super compact kit, it’s no bigger than a sunglasses case and it has basically every charger you could ever need along with headphones for long trips and flights.

I figure if it is good enough for me flying into hostile territory, it should be good for a trip a cross country or a short ride on the subway / train.

I hope that it brings you as much value as it brought me!!

Who Am I? What is the Money for? & What is next? 

*I am a Veteran of the Air Force, I am back in school studying Business Administration & Information Technologies. I have always been a serial entrepreneur …. The gross profit from this campaign is going to my next project, which is a “Smart Restaurant.”

Basically you will place your order on an app / computer, before you leave your house or as you are on your way.

And like magic  your food will be hot and ready when you get there. No waiting.  You can also continue to order from the app from your table, no waiter / waitress harassment.

And Before You leave your house will also be able to tell:
How many people are at the restaurant
How many tables / seats are available

This will allow you to check other restaurants & choose to go elsewhere based on long waits.

I need just one test / control restaurant & financing to build the software. Then I would eventually like to (license / sell) the Software as a Service (SAAS) to other restaurants who are interested.

Thank you for supporting this project!