When life knock us down and we hit rock bottom sometimes we get so down;we think it’s over. Loosing everything you have can be a lot too stomach not just material things such as housing, money, transportation .(which I have lost all).

However it’s your accomplishments,opportunities,ambition,meaning of living your full potential,can really break down your soul.

However moving on and keeping faith is the only option on life for me. 2016 was very hard for me I was taken advantage of by two roommates. I was attending East Tennessee University and I was majoring in Health Sciences in the pre med program. I was a very ambitious student. Upon arriving I already got a degree from Nashville State while in High school;also while graduating with distinction!(which is above hours).

I’ve always worked hard for what in life and made a way. However lately it feels unbearable and suicide has even came to mind but I always keep moving forward. My father has never been in my life,and he wants nothing to do with me.After mom having me at the age of 15.

My mother,who’s very ill;raised singley,has a auto-immune disease that regularly attackers her body. At the age of at the age of 33 Her organs began to fail and she was given 12 to 24 hours to live. After many hours of prayer and hope miraculously she survived,and had to stay in the hospital and relearn her motor skills. In early January of 2016 my mom was beginning chemotherapy directed by her rheumatologist. Her condition was getting worse (polymyositis) and two other conditions.I was four hours away in school struggling financially,both due to roommates and lack of funding. Bills began to accumulate and my credit score decreased.

My car began breaking down after being cheated by him for $2000. I went to Nashville to visit my mom with her declining health and financial status. Car engine goes completely out. Since financial aid is no longer available for me I had not access to money. I worked and worked to save and pay my part of the rent only to find out roomates took everything I ever owned very,things like my high school diploma, clothes, jewelry,bed etc.

I Had had it with life and trusting so many people! So I started a real estate businesses and looked for investment opportunities such as franchise opportunities.One being a  burger franchise which the profits I would use reinvest in my real estate business to pay for medical school.I have contacted ceos. And Set up meetings with real estate professionals to get everything started.

I have l built a precise business plan and calculated the cost for my redemption to my path to success and to try further my financial capabilities and go back to school and pay for own; and for the passion I love own my own. I’ve always wanted to be physician and give back to others and build and platform and use it to inspire people. So I launch this campaign so I can champion generosity to champion my way to redemption for my loving mother and my inspirations to create other champions with love! Your help is appreciated.