My husband Zach is an amazing husband and father. He would do anything for our our son, myself, and anyone else that needs help. He is struggling though. I am sick and not able to work so it’s all on his shoulders to take care of us. He loves to drive and knows that earning his CDL and becoming a truck driver would offer a better chance for us and also allow him to do something that makes him happy. Unfortunately his options for schooling are limited. The only companies available for funding are in Georgia and we are in Louisiana so during the training period he wouldn’t have income and that is impossible for us. If we somehow pay for the schooling ourselves he will have a lot more options and may be able to find a job close to home so he won’t have to spend to much time away from us. The minimum to start is $2400 but $4800 will pay for him to take the full course and earn his CDL.
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